Belief begets strength, strength begets will power, will power begets intent, intent begets direction, and direction begets influence. The question is, where do the roots of belief originate? In experience based truth, faith based truth, the influence of others around you, denial of who you really are, genuine trust in yourself, manipulation of others, resentment, pain, the satiation of individual insecurities, or the vision of what you strive to become? Likely a combination of all these things in varying proportions.
Some of these conditions stand the test of time and can reverberate eternally if the strength of your influence truly benefits the fundamentals and direction of humanity (by opinion of the “collective” perspective). Others pervert, decay, and distort the fundamentals of humanity leaving wounds and scars that cloud perspective, skew the direction of our humanity, and cripples our pace of progress (also by the opinion of the “collective” perspective). The real shame in all this is that, with all the self-serving philosophies, self-righteous spiritualities, and bias-ridden education we’ve bombarded ourselves with, we seem to lack the ability to distinguish the differences any longer.
The most fundamental level of understanding today is, at best, a vague shadow of what once was. And, those with any connection to it are few and likely unaware as they’re also lost in the sea of falsity and half truths. Even this simple observation offers little wisdom. Perhaps only initiating awareness of the impenetrable obstacles we’ve created in this age that disconnect us from fundamental truths. All in a simple attempt to redefine our existence and fuel our need for self-worth.