In my relatively short time (17+ yrs) as an adult, I’ve been fortunate enough to face, and learn from,  many life altering crossroads. I’ve discovered many dynamic and eye-opening perspectives through travel and exposure to varying cultures and lifestyles around the world. Though my experiences are limited by comparison to the vast number of possibilities, many have been poignant and have significantly affected my outlook on existence. They’ve revealed many life truths which have nurtured a lot of spiritual and personal growth within me as well as given me much acceptance of myself and who I really am. This has fueled a fascination with esoteric spirituality and alternative philosophical perspective.

As a musician of extreme music with an extreme introspective nature, my perspectives are mostly funneled into my music & lyrics and have been primarily harbored there. This has had some limitations as some observations & revelations may not align with the musical direction I take at any particular time or may not reflect the collective perspective of my band mates. So, I started this blog simply as a place for me to collect and organize thoughts & observations. I have no intent of fueling public exposure or awareness of this blog. It’s just a good place for me to access/organize thoughts from anywhere in the world and be able to share them with certain individuals in my life.

For what it’s worth, I was raised primarily as southern Baptist just outside of Atlanta, Ga by very a very loving and accepting family. Though I do not consider myself Christian any longer, I have not turned my back on the key values and lessons that have benefitted me and my loved ones over the years. Blanket disregard out of adolescent rebellion would be foolish and irrationally turning a blind eye to many beneficial truths. I do not proscribe to any one spiritual path. Doing so would be equivalent to putting ketchup on every single dish you eat. It’s limiting and close-minded. Life is too dynamic for this though culture today encourages over-simplification of life to allow influential organizations some level of control over how we feel and live our lives. I do believe that a collective direction is important for progress in a general sense but individuality and unorthodox approaches are what will truly drive creativity, discovery, and growth. 

Ultimately, becoming truly in touch with who I am and understanding my capabilities and limitations allows ME to be my ultimate authority. I am my harshest judge and my compassionate savior. I am my god and my god is me. In the end, having to answer to myself is the greatest accountability I can be subject to. This is my path, not necessarily yours. Once you’re truly strong enough and genuinely trust yourself, lead your own life. Following established paths without eventually cutting your own deprives you of enriched self-discovery.